A downloadable game for Windows

Designed for Windows Mixed Reality headset. This is a project in progress. If you would like to test, please download and comeback for updates. 

Rise and Run takes place at a research facility built on a volcano island. This is a VR project where you will use a GravPack to jump and hover to platforms as you work your way out of the building before the lava burns through your armor. 

Current Version: Allows you to play a quick run through of the concept from a start to finish section while utilizing movements and a wrist menu. 

Next Version Focus: 

  1. Fade out( test having the screen turn to dark or other shades when the player's head goes outside areas. For example the ceiling light section, the player can peer outside the scene if they fly to the top and put their head high enough. )
  2. Lighting (I like the idea of it being dark but would like to experiment with glitch lights to guide the player and a wrist flashlight for the player to help explore low light areas)
  3. Shaders 

Install instructions

After download is complete

1. Right click the zip file and choose to unzip.

2. Open new unzipped folder and drill down to RaR \ RiseAndRun_1.0.0.0_Debug_Test

3. Right click 'Add-AppDevPackage' and choose 'Run with PowerShell'

4. When it says 'Success: Your app was successfully installed.' press Enter.

5. You should now be able to launch the app, it will most likely be available under the 'Recently Added' section of your Start panel.


RiseAndRub.7z 355 MB